These IELTS tests for example have been categorized so that you can easily see how certain types of test questions require certain answers to ensure that the answer is complete. First, I think that satisfaction in the workplace gives people a sense of fulfillment that cannot guarantee money. Even if someone earns a high salary, but feels tense and compromised with his conscience, he will not enjoy his life. While pursuing one`s own interests will always bring joy and a sense of satisfaction. For example, many famous researchers did not make their career choices for attractive salaries, but because they were passionate about science. That`s why it`s more important to choose the type of work that makes you happy than to watch a high salary. In this essay, IELTS listeners want you to say clearly, so it`s really important that you make a decision when you read the question. You also need to do this to write an effective final testimonial. Note: you don`t need to use this structure and other structures can give you a high score. However, this structure has been approved by IELTS reviewers as a structure that allows you to write a clear and cohesive essay. This structure allows you to focus on generating your ideas and then write an effective essay.

First, a small town is greener than the big city. There are no traffic jams in small towns, which reduces their emissions due to reduced traffic. In general, the small town has more greenery, such as gardens, lawns and tree alleys. Distances in a small town are not large, allowing you to use cycling, kick scooter or even on foot, which have a positive impact on health. Second, life in a small town is generally not as stressful as in a big city. All residents generally know each other and conflicts are very rare. In small towns, too, the crime rate is statistically lower. On the other hand, my opponents might argue that the impact of living in a small town often leads to difficulties in finding a well-paying job. However, it is not that important if you work remotely or at home, for example on the Internet or a few messengers. Some critics of life in a small town also note that wages there are generally not very high. However, small towns also have cheaper properties, which compensates for this negative factor. In conclusion, life in a small town, even if it is not acceptable to some people, nevertheless votes in favour of this option.

Better ecology, low crime rates, cheaper real estate and the ability to work from home all make life in a small town an obvious winner. It asks for your opinion. It is an opinion test. It`s the same as “Do you agree or disagree?” or “How much do you agree?” You give your opinion on these issues or questions and use the panel paragraphs to justify and explain your opinion. This injustice is compounded by the fact that women currently earn higher grades in most university cycles. Even male-dominated sectors, such as law and medicine, now see women on the rise and should therefore be rewarded with high-level positions. As a result, women surpassed men for the first time in Britain. Nevertheless, employers should keep in mind that roles should be divided on performance, not just gender. The above essay can also write in aims towards with disagree Madame, I`ve already come, but you have no answer mom please help me get out of this problem, I would be ecstatic. Hey, Liz! I`m going to do an IELTS test next week, but I`m still puzzled about the test that doesn`t agree.