Your license allows you to use music in a project or video and covers all sync and sync rights. It does not cover the representation rights that are normally the responsibility of the hosting platform (z.B. YouTube) or the channel (z.B of a television channel) and can be easily removed directly with performance rights companies. We have a number of licenses available for all platforms (tv, cinema, radio, etc.) and a number of creative services available to advertisers and agencies. Please contact us to discuss the prices of your project. The use of this type of music has many advantages for users. It is usually cheaper than music for retail or music specifically commissioned for a project, such as film music. In general, it is also easier to obtain permission to use copyright on production music or to make it “clear” because a specialized production music company controls the rights. This means that using music from the production library allows the user to quickly and easily select the music they need without negotiating with the various copyright owners in the song and recording. On the other hand, the commissioning of the production of a new track for a video project offers the possibility of composing a piece of music that meets the specific needs of the project.

For the Going for a Song project, we opted for a mixed approach. Production company Audio Network offered the creators of this video a Synch license to use their song Twists and Turns, and one of its original composers – Richard Kimmings – was commissioned to produce a new version of the same song for this video. The new track played by Lucy Kimmings and Kes Loy was used to tell the story of a song from its inception to its release, to explain the different aspects of the copyright of this journey. Of course, Tina and Ben are fictional characters designed for the purposes of this video. In contrast, the song Twists and Turns was actually written by professional songwriters specializing in so-called “production” music for production libraries. Audiovisual content manufacturers access these libraries to look for music suitable for their film, advertising, play, etc. Our online licenses are offered by track for a single video or production: we have a series of disposable licenses that we can buy online. However, if you need a regular music license or a license for a campaign or series, please contact our account management team.

A Creator license does not remove ads from your videos. If you want to block third-party ads or monetize your YouTube videos, you need to purchase a Creator license. All online licenses are available for a single route for a single project, but we offer discounts on shorter blends, such as 30-second prints and cutdowns, for corporate and television licenses. Are you looking for a license for other platforms or a campaign? Permission to use a copyrighted work is generally granted in the form of a license. A license allows someone to use the work for a limited period of time in a certain way. Licenses may be granted exclusively (the use of the work granted only to the person acquiring the license) or non-exclusive (allows the copyright holder to grant the use of the work to more than one person at the same time).