Although this is a longer version of the guide, we`ve also created a shorter and much more concise Sheet cheat to help you assess whether contract brewing is a way you want to go. It is a brewing facility in which a company A pays a B company to use its brewery for production. Due to our already strong commercial presence in VA/Loudoun County, DC/Baltimore, may be a good place to get started in the beer industry. I have to repeat myself on one point, it is not hitting the breaststroke of the contract. These companies use a kind of trade policy contract called Contract Brewing. CONSIDERING that Brewer is active in brewing, packaging, marketing and distributing malt-based beverages in the United States, including the District of Columbia. These responsibilities may vary somewhat, but are always defined in the legal agreement. The degree of participation of one of the parties may vary. Sometimes the contract brewery essentially acts only as the face of its business and focuses mainly on marketing and public relations.

What`s with that? We have internet, Facebook, word of mouth… Our big problem is just making beer. These types of trade agreements are defined at the federal level with brewery licenses by the Alcohol and Tobacco Excise and Trade Office (TTB), but can also be regulated on a state-based basis. When preparing plans for your business, always make sure you review state laws! Some breweries do not have their own equipment and are permanently using contract brewing services, known as Gypsy brewers, while others, due to a production break in their plant, may use contract brewing services or simply do not have sufficient capacity. All you really do is use a great brewing room and equipment. You have your own staff, brewing techniques, recipe, etc. Contract Brewing can be hard to justify to inveterate craft brewing enthusiasts. The idea that you don`t produce beer in your own facilities may not be popular with some customers or the specific community in which you work.

Those who value a certain idea of integrity or authenticity when it comes to breweries may be irritated, but if you take the time to specifically explain the benefits to your business, you may be able to change some hearts. We are interested in contract brewing services. Contract Brewing, an agreement in which a company brews and packs beers on appliances it does not own. Although such agreements have long been common among major brewers, contract brews in the United States have been known through the creation and subsequent success of the Boston Beer Company, the creators of Samuel Adams Boston Lager.