To obtain the Batch ToR circuit rate, the CLECs interconnection agreement must contain associated conditions and tariffs. An example procedure assuming that CLEC is carried out on the collocation site can be requested at any time after 100% of the one-time fee has been paid. The necessary on-site visits prior to payment of 100% of the offer are the responsibility of the clec to evacuate, which accompanies the abdicating CLEC, subject to CenturyLink`s standard access procedures. The deposit of De Collocation-Augment orders is limited from the date on which the request for transfer of responsibility was validated, until the assumption that CLEC has accepted the offer to transfer responsibility of collocation. It is considered that CLEC must have an interconnection agreement with CenturyLink before filing a request for transfer of responsibility in the event of a collocation. It is assumed that CLEC will have to amend a pre-existing interconnection agreement before submitting a request for transfer of responsibility to the collocation if it does not contain the transferred services. Entering into an interconnection agreement or amending an existing agreement is described in the early stages as a facility-based local exchange carrier (CLEC). The site of the collocation, pointed out in the request for delegation of responsibility to the collocation, is “as seen” and transferred as a whole. This includes, but is not limited to(the input devices (interface point (POI) power hole, chips, cables and working circles (if any). The conditions for transferring aircraft between space and the acceptance of CLEC are the responsibility of the evacuation and handling of CFCs. If no transfer of responsibility roadmap is filed and a standard liability transfer table is filed in its place, CenturyLink believes that CLEC does not choose the Batch Circuit option and requests are submitted via LSR(s) and/or ASR(s).

A transfer of responsibility is available where an evacuating CLEC has an underlying agreement with a supposed CLEC for the transfer of an existing collocation site and certain other conditions set out in that provision are fully met. The negotiation of the transfer terms between the CLEC evacuating and lowering CLEC is the responsibility of these two parties. CenturyLink is not participating in these discussions. CenturyLink only manages the CenturyLink database and the transfer of records.