This meets the requirements of the ADS due to higher penalty interest and other compliance issues. However, the SDA continues to commit to bringing back wages at home, for all workers to receive a pay rise, and for us to maintain the hard-won union conditions we have achieved in more than 20 years of negotiations with Coles. Protected rates of pay do not decrease or are not frozen, they are increased by 50% of the percentage of the annual salary review we earn. “Your protected wage rate is not reduced or frozen, but increases every July 1 50% of the percentage of the annual salary review. This is consistent with how stored phrases have been protected in the past. – Protection of home wages – Improved penalty interest – Safety of the harsh conditions of the SDA Union – Guaranteeing a wage increase for all wage increases Under the new Coles agreement, minimum wages in the Coles agreement will increase in line with the increase set by the Fair Work Commission`s annual wage review published annually in June. The SDA and The Australian Unions are working hard to ensure a significant increase in workers` wages, as the cost of living continues to rise. The transitional payment applies only to authorized workers who, under the new Coles Agreement, were able to benefit from higher wage rates than the previous Coles agreement. The SDA`s objective remains to obtain higher penalties for workers, but to protect wages and guarantee wage increases for all workers when we are in place. Workers employed at the time of the vote receive the higher payments of either: the new tariff and penalties; or the protected wage rate (calculated on the basis of your current average salary with existing higher base rates).

During the negotiations of the past two months, considerable progress has been made in reaching a new agreement that meets the SDA`s objectives of improving interest rates, protecting bonuses, safeguarding hard-won unionization conditions and ensuring wage increases for all. The SDA believes that this is much better than frozen rates of pay or a reduction in pay at the premium rate. This ensures that no farm workers will be worse off if we move to a new agreement with higher penalty interest and if we plan wage increases for all. We are working to ensure the passing rules throughout the agreement, important results in the negotiations have been so far: This agreement will cover all members of the retail team, Coles online, Coles services, but not For the team members who are mainly employed in the meat department. In addition, the SDA is currently on the Fair Work Commission and advocates for penalty penalties to be paid to casual players from Monday to Friday night and higher penalties for casual players who work on Saturdays. The SDA wants to ensure that Coles Casuals is able to insure these higher rates if the SDA wins our case. If your average hourly rate (AHR) is higher than your protected wage rate, Coles pays the difference between the two rates. This is calculated by multiplying the difference by the number of hours you worked between February 26 and April 30, 2018.