19 The worker is responsible for complying with all eligibility factors prior to the approval of the GR. The review and determination of eligibility is completed and appropriate measures are taken for the application as soon as possible and no later than thirty calendar days after the date of the first contact. GR Date of the first contact What is the date of the first contact? The date of the first contact is the date the person`s name is registered on LEADER, the date the call is recorded on PA 1755, the information about institutional intermediation by the Department of Health Care Services (an extract form) or the date a request (letter, phone call, etc.) was received for an application. GR Treatment Period What is the end of the treatment period? The expiry date of the processing period is the date on which the ES authorizes the granting of assistance, the date on which the refusal notifications are sent to the person, or the date on which the revocation is signed. GR Recourse Procedures What are the appeal procedures? When a person has a complaint about the handling of one aspect of their case, including allegations that a timely NWD has not been received, the complaint is resolved as follows: If an WND has been sent, it is necessary to determine whether an adequate and timely notification was made prior to the reduction or termination of the grant. For more information, please see the GR messages on action and hearing. If an NWD was not sent on time to the check-in address or if the mail caused an unforeseen delay in the delivery of the DNO: 32 GR Complete the application How is the application completed? The application is completed by the worker when the person is unable to do so due to illiteracy, language difficulties or mental/physical disability. If the EW completes the application, the reason the person was unable to do so is recorded in Case Comments. Before the GR registration, all adults seeking help must sign SAWS 2. A signature by trademark is only acceptable if the person is prevented from signing because of illiteracy, illness or mental/physical disability.

A signature per mark (usually an X) must be certified by an adult. The adult who signed as a witness must provide his address. If the employee in charge of the case indicates as a witness, the district address is used. A signature composed of alphabetical characters different from those of English (for example. B Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, etc.) must be testified in the same way as the signature of a trademark.