All HSA members in the public health sector are covered by one of three main collective agreements: community social services and private sector employees are subject to three separate agreements: as part of the process, the parties continued to identify articles within the collective agreement that require changes to the existing language to better reflect the merger of health regions into the single health authority. proposals put forward by the parties. Two such articles are Article 26 – Lay-Off and Return to Work and Article 29 – Employment Restructuring. In addition, an agreement has been reached on the language of Article 26, which better defines a work unit for redundancies and ensures that dismissed workers are automatically considered candidates for future vacancies. The HSAS negotiating committee met with SAHO from April 23 to 25, May 14-16, May 28-30 and June 4-6, 2019. If you are unsure of the agreement that covers your job, please contact us. The conference was held May 25-26, 2017 at Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon. Almost half of the summer has passed. Your negotiating committee looks forward to the resumption of negotiations in September. In the meantime, we will take a look at where we ended up in June. Since the last update of the negotiations, your negotiating committee has met with SAHO on six dates: September 17-19, September 25-27, November 5-7, November 13-15, December 10-12 and December 17-19. The four negotiating dates were the subject of some debate and agreement between the parties. These articles also reflect the language of transition resulting from the merger of the old health regions, a clarification of language and processes, and access to information by members and the Union.

We were finally able to secure a meeting for May 30, 2018 with the people who would represent the employer for this round of negotiations. To all members of the HSAS covered by the collective agreement HSAS – SAHO:.