29 Regulation 30… Tell. – events that must be identified as policies of significant importance – Para B of Part A of Schedule III Start or any postponement of the date of the start of commercial production or commercial operation of a unit/division Change in the general character or nature of the transaction, withdrawal, surrender, surrender, cancellation or suspension of key licences or administrative authorizations modifying or terminating orders or contracts that are not in the normal activity, loan agreements that are binding and are not in the process of being operated. Reviews, etc. Interruptions in the operation of a publicly traded company department due to natural disasters, force majeure or events such as strikes, lockout Effects resulting from a change in the regulatory framework of litigation for the listed company (s) / Dispute ((s) / regulatory action (s) with impact Fraud/defaults etc. by the directors/employees of the listed company Capacity addition or product launch giving guarantees or renity for any third party gibt. 21 Bonds – Bond of the Stock Exchange Spread all notifications filed immediately check compliance and adequacy/accuracy of disclosures Deposit Grant Listing Approval / reject the application for authorization in principle / listing within 30 days (Reg. 110 of the newly inserted Chapter XIDR) Commitment to a proposed regulatory and regulatory system to repair/facilitate the redress of claims of holders of listed securities Clause 52 – Article 52 – Corporate Filing and Dissemination System (CFDS) : viz., www.corpfiling.co.in – deadline to guarantee: the electronic submission of cfDS information, in accordance with a clause of the listing agreement, within the time set out in the respective clause of the rating agreement. For participation models.

B, report on corporate governance, financial information, etc., Article 35 – File participation models, indications on: pawn rights, pawning or otherwise heavily taxed shares, etc., information relating to participation in partially released shares, outstanding convertible bonds and warrants, if any, etc., – Delay – (a) one day before the listing of their securities, b) every quarter within 21 days of the end of each quarter and (c) within 10 days of a capital restructuring resulting in a change of more than 2% of the total capital paid. Inclusion of Article 35A – publication of the results of the votes on the stock markets in the prescribed format and establishing the same results on their websites in 48 hours from the end of the meeting of the shareholders concerned.