The EF Advisor conducts a limited review of the information provided by each company to determine if it is suitable for registration on the site; Verified information includes information about a company`s fundraisers, business plan and current and expected resources. This review is not intended to verify the information provided by companies about their activities, to assess the likelihood of a business succeeding or generating investment returns, or to inform or influence investment decisions made by investors. Neither EF nor EF Advisor performs a separate due diligence for companies, before or after the dewinding funds or partnership investments on their behalf. EF Advisor may decide, at its sole discretion, whether it offers follow-up opportunities and other related investment opportunities in a business, provided that such opportunities are made available to any or all investors in a corporate fund or corporate partnership who have previously invested in the company`s securities, or investors who have not invested in that venture capital fund or in a venture capital partnership. The Small Business Administration recommends that enterprise agreements for CTCs contain the percentage of ownership of each member of the LLC; Responsible procedures, voting procedures, rights and procedures; The powers and obligations of leaders; The powers and obligations of the members of the institution; Information on profit and loss distributions; The procedures and dates of the LLC meetings; Buyback procedures Affiliation transfer procedure and how a member`s actions are handled in the event of death. Distributions of a venture capital fund or venture capital partnership, if any, are usually the result of receipt of the proceeds of the sale, withdrawal or liquidation of the securities of the company in which the venture capital fund or venture capital partnership has invested. If ef Advisor approves, distributions will generally be available in cash, free of fees and expenses, as well as appropriate reserves for future venture capital or partnership expenses, but may be made at EF Advisor`s discretion. Distributions are not expected to take place until the end of the venture capital fund or venture capital partnership term. Distributions, when reported, are made to investors in relation to their capital accounts and are subject to earnings-related compensation under EF Advisor. The LLC agreement and the appendix for venture capital funds or specific venture capital partnerships contain detailed information on the terms of compensation related to the results that EF Advisor must pay.