(4) A complete and detailed description of the services actually provided by the credit broker to the potential borrower. (5) One of the following statements, as appropriate: (2) The original paragraph of the “credit brokerage contract and disclosure declaration” is permitted in capital bold letters of at least ten letters “DISCLOSURE REQUIRED BY LOUISIANA LAW “. Under this title, the statement will appear in at least ten police points that “the State of Louisiana has approved or refuses any credit brokerage contract. The information contained in this disclosure has not been verified by the state. If you have any questions, look at a lawyer before signing a contract. A.1. Any application for a consumer mortgage or a federal mortgage involving a credit broker is accompanied by a “credit brokerage and disclosure contract” signed by all contracting parties. A copy of the signed agreement is presented to the applicant at the time of signing. 3572.11. Credit brokerage statement; Statement of Information Required (a) “As required by law, this credit broker has secured a loan through a guarantee that has the right to trade in that state.

A certified copy of this obligation is filed with the agent of financial institutions. Before signing a contract with this credit broker, you should check with the security company to determine the current status of the loan. or (b) “As required by law, this credit broker has created a fiduciary account (account number) with (bank name/address or savings bank). Before entering into a contract with this credit broker, you should check with the bank or savings bank to find out the current status of the trust account. (3) Duration of credit broker activity. (1) The name of the loan officer; Whether the credit broker acts as an individual, company, company or company; Names under which the credit broker has made, made or intends to make transactions; and the names of all parent or related companies that provide a billing service. B. The “brokerage and disclosure agreement” contains the following information: Act 1986, No. 729, No. 1; Acts 1997, No.

1419, No. 1; Acts 1999, 1160, No. 1, 2.