Contact NI Support or your local agency if you have any questions or if you need additional assistance to find out which licensing options are best for your business. a. Fees and taxes. The customer must pay, if necessary, the royalties provided in the proof of the licence and all related taxes. 9. No obligation for third-party claims. AWR has no obligation, liability or liability, the customer for any claim, action or action of third parties resulting from the use of the software or the exercise of the licenses granted in this agreement (including, but not limited, to infringements of intellectual property or patents, copyright or other infringements of intellectual property) or damages resulting from the use of the software or the exercise of the licenses granted in this agreement (including) to defend , to exempt or retain damages awarded in this agreement, not limited to patent, copyright or other infringements of intellectual property). , losses, liabilities, settlement amounts, expenses or charges related to third-party claims, shares or shares. B. License of documentation. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, AWR grants the Customer, for the duration of this contract, a non-exclusive, non-sub-competitive, non-transferable license for the use and reproduction of a limited number of copies of the documentation, only in connection with the Client`s licensed use of the Software.

The client cannot modify or purchase works derived from the documentation without AWR`s written permission. The client cannot distribute the documentation. B. Corrective action taken by the client. AWR`s only obligation (and the customer`s only recourse) with respect to the limited warranty imposed on it is to return, at AWR`s choice, the fees paid by the customer to AWR, the customer having to return or destroy all copies of the software in accordance with AWR`s appropriate instructions and the license granted to the customer without any liability on the part of AWR as a result of such termination. or repair or replace the software, provided AWR receives a written notification of applicable defects during the warranty period. The client agrees not to bring an action against the corrective actions taken by the client under the above limited warranty or for breach of the warranty more than one (1) year after the removal of such a means. This option can be acquired as a single seat or as part of a volume licensing agreement (VLA).

This license category contains a home exception that allows the installation and activation of the software on a home computer. DEBUG LICENSE A license to debug a given software product allows the software to be installed on a computer. You can only use the software to solve problems with an application or system already created with a development license. This option can be purchased as a single seat or as a member of a VLA. There are no exceptions to this category at home. You`ll find information about software that contains debugging licenses in NI licenses for provision and debugging.