It is estimated that there are 22,000 hectares of lakes, 2,400 miles of sea trout rivers and 2,500 miles of wild streams trout with 750 miles of coastline, the vast majority of which are available to the itinerant fisherman. In Wales, approximately 55,000 bar licences are sold each year, bringing in about $1.2 million. In 2005, the value of fishing in inland waters was estimated at approximately $74 million (gross value added of US$32 million)4, with significant benefits for tourism, socio-economic development, health and well-being. It also helps support high-quality river fishing and breastfeeding, as well as the network of valuable associations for local communities. Thank you for the offer to meet to discuss an access agreement on the Taff River, but due to the advice of our Canoe Wales management would require that all discussions on access be held about them. The Environment Agency is committed to conducting a stream assessment to determine the values for each supplement for which canoeing would be environmentally friendly. We would also like to consult with the CCW before making judgments on the basis of environmental protection. I would be interested in your comments and look forward to hearing from you. There is clearly a need to promote greater cooperation and cohesion among those who defend these opposing views in the interest of a more responsible and harmonious use of waterways.

Perhaps it is an approach to move this debate forward to bring more clarity and security to where people can go and what they can do. See the response of the Aberfan canoe club to our access offer. We will discuss that at the next meeting. However, we suffer from the fact that the inhabitants go down the lower parts of the river by canoe during the hot weekends of the summer, which is a real pain. v. v. Legislation could set powers for licensing commercial vehicles for use on Welsh rivers, provided the legislation permits it. One of the main concerns expressed during the audit was the use of waterways by commercial organizations without any contribution to the maintenance of waterways or shorelines. The river rises and falls faster than the largest river near the Wye River, and large water levels often require paddles shortly after rain.

If the water levels are too low, it is best to paddle the Wye (30 min) because it is navigable even at very low levels. Any possibility of extending responsible access to all waters in Wales should be accompanied by a legally enforceable access charter similar to that of Scotland.