This agreement is concluded and concluded by and between the University of Washington, referred to as “University” or “Employer,” and the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), AFL-CIO and its Local Union 4121, known as “UAW” or “Union.” This is the intention and purpose of this collective agreement (the “agreement”) is to create a harmonious and cooperative relationship between the two parties. In the absence of a satisfactory agreement at Stage 2, the employer and the Union may apply, by mutual agreement, for mediation services from the Labour Public Relations Commission (PERC) within 14 calendar days. These services operate in parallel with Stage 3 and must not prevent or delay the planning of an arbitration hearing. Despite the likelihood of ratification, several workers expressed concern that the union had already held votes before Wednesday`s Council meeting. These workers said it was a sign that the agreement would be put in place. However, ACF employees have the difference between the fact that they rejected their first contract offer during the 2015 discussions. Step 2: If the Union bypasses Stage 1 or is dissatisfied with the response of the first step, it may, within seven (7) calendar days following receipt of the decision of the first stage or in the event that Stage 1 is circumvented, within twenty-one (21) calendar days following the occurrence of the events that led to the complaint or from the date of the complaint for which the aggrieved person would reasonably have had to be aware of the complaint, appeal in writing. The Level 2 call is addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School, with a copy sent to the Assistant Vice President for Industrial Relations. The Union recognizes that the Dean may choose to appoint, for this second stage, another appropriate university staff, who will serve as the university`s representative. The Dean (or candidate) and the Assistant Vice-President for Labour Relations (or candidate) will meet with the Union and the bereaved within 14 calendar days following the receipt of the Call in Stage 2 and within seven (7) calendar days following the meeting.

The condition of a meeting can be waived by mutual agreement. Section 2. The university will not engage in any activity or enter into an agreement or otherwise discuss with another group or individual in order to undermine the Union as the person`s representative in the unit. The parties recognize the importance of common governance practices developed at the University of Washington. The parties do not intend to restrict, restrict or prohibit the performance of the functions of the Faculty Boards and the University of Washington Manual; Similarly, the parties do not intend to restrict, restrict or prohibit the functions of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, the Associated Students of the University of Washington or any other student organization in areas not covered by the agreement.