The agreement includes a promise from the occupants that they will not devastate the property or remove the house from the fixtures, appliances or copper. You should also promise not to leave pets or personal items and to clean the house thoroughly – which is often called “clean sweeping” or “swept” state. According to the California Department of Real Estate, anecdotal reports of those who have experiments with “cash for keys” programs have reported that $500 is usually the minimum and $5,000 the maximum amount offered to tenants for their keys. I`ve been doing this for years. I go so far as to catch them and move them with my pendant. I can tell when things are going to go south, so I`m going to keep talking about what`s going on. Most of me had illness in the family, job loss and were happy to go out. I released it in just three days. We`re going to blow our tails off and leave. In 15 years, no one has had to finish. But when I go, I make it clear that I`m not his friend, I don`t make people. I want his money and his peace.

I forgot to say that I live next door. A cash form for the agreement key (sometimes cash for the key letter) should always be written. It must include the amount of money received by tenants and how it is made. It should also include the deadline for handing over keys. The agreement should stipulate that both the landlord and tenant pass through the property on the day of the move to assess any damage. Click here to download the free Cash for Keys contract form at RentPreps. The link above contains the Addendum key cash that you sign on the day of the extract. Here too, the eviction notice is nothing more than to let the tenant know that you are serious. The idea is not to drive them out, but to give them an ultimatum. Once you are sure they know you are serious, offer them a better outcome: cash for the keys. The idea is to offer the difficult tenant the “lesser of two evils.” If you have done your job, it should be more attractive for the tenant to take the money in exchange for the keys than to wade through the evacuation process. Don`t forget to document the transaction: if a tenant accepts a cash agreement key, the owners must document the proposal.

Whether the tenant receives cash or a cheque, you must document the transaction and present a receipt. The owner should keep a copy for his recordings. If the tenant accepts a key contract, the next step is to get their acceptance in writing. According to FitSmallBusiness, the next step is to “create or download a written agreement explaining the details you have agreed to. Make sure it`s as detailed as possible and bring two copies, one for them and one for your recordings. Money for keys is an alternative to deportation. Instead of starting a long and fiery eviction process, homeowners offer tenants a sum of money to encourage them to move at some point. In the long run, many advocates believe that cashless keys are cheaper and more effective over time than formal expulsion, which could ultimately involve a lawyer and even law enforcement. Really, there can be a win-win situation, since the tenant receives help with moving help and the landlord quickly removes the tenant.