In return for United Services, you agree to pay United, after filing your domain name application, renewal application or registration application with United, the current fee set out in the United price plan for these services. All fees are fully or partially non-refundable, even if your domain name registration is suspended, cancelled or transferred before your registration period expires. United reserves the right to change taxes, surcharges, renewal fees at any time or to introduce new taxes at its discretion. If United provides you with equipment for the use of the Service, a cancellation, downgrade or change of service by you before the end of the original term of the contract may be subject to an additional fee. You must also return all devices provided, such as DSL modems, power supplies, filters, surge protection, wireless modems, antennas and all other devices provided by United, or charge you for the replacement of these devices. If, during the first period, you move a fixed service to a new residence or if you change the telephone line within the same residence, you may be charged an additional fee. These offers are generally only available to customers who have not subscribed to a particular or telus in the past. United Communications Assn. Cancel (service list type) 1107 McArtor Road Dodge City, KS 67801 You recognize that the Internet, the domain name system and the practice of domain name registration and management are evolving and accept that United may amend this agreement and any additional rules or policies that may be published or published by United. , to the extent necessary to comply with a directive or other agreements accepted by ICANN, to which United is currently bound or will be bound in the future, as well as to adapt to changing business conditions. Your continued use of a United-registered domain name represents your acceptance of this Agreement, as well as additional rules or policies that will be published or may be published by United with the new changes. If you do not agree with such a change, you can request that your domain name registration be cancelled or transferred to another domain name registry office.

You acknowledge and accept that such a cancellation or transfer request will be your exclusive remedy and our exclusive liability if you do not wish to comply with any changes to this Agreement or additional rules or guidelines published or likely to be made public by United. 2. TERM If your service has a certain initial lifespan (such as twelve (12) months), this agreement will continue from month to month after the end of its initial duration. United reserves the right to change the prices of one of our services at our discretion. United reserves the right to change the functions of the service at any time. Current rates and service features are available or by phone at (800) 794-9999. Given the complexity of Internet service, availability and the underlying infrastructure, it may be impossible to provide the service to everyone. At its discretion, United may cancel the installation process and refund the money you paid. United will inform you as soon as possible of its intention to cancel the termination.

United assumes no responsibility for claims arising from the failure or refusal to complete the facility or provide the service. At the end of your fixed-term contract, your service will continue from month to month and all equipment rental discounts you have received for the lifetime (for example. B a free PVR rental) will end. 8. INSTALLATION The service may include United (“Equipment”) devices. Installing, using, inspecting, maintaining, repairing and repairing the device can result in maintenance compensation or potential damage to your computer.