Foreign military sales funds of $9,938,480 are committed at the time of issuance, none of which expire at the end of the current fiscal year. The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contractor. 3. International agreements ° EEC-Turkey Association Agreement ° Association Council established by the EEC-Turkey Association Agreement ° Decision on the free movement of workers ° Direct effect ° Turkish national who fulfils the conditions for renewal of his work permit ° Corresponding right to renew his residence permit The United States has signed an agreement with Poland to deal with the transfer of American troops from Germany to the Country of Eastern Europe. The agreement also makes Poland the new headquarters of the U.S. Army`s V Corps. 1. International agreements ° EEC-Turkey Association Agreement ° Free movement of persons ° Workers ° Access of Turkish nationals to the paid employment of their choice in one of the Member States ° Conditions ° Previous employment in legal employment ° Concept US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has sealed an agreement with Poland to increase the number of US troops in the eastern EU Member State. 9 Since the German Government has expressly asked the Court to reconsider its jurisdiction to give decisions under Article 177 of the Treaty on the interpretation of decisions adopted by a body established by an Association Agreement to ensure the implementation of that agreement, the Court observes that nothing has emerged from the observations submitted in the present case: which could lead it to deviate from what it decided in this regard in its judgment.

Case C-192/89 Sevince v Staatssecretaris van Justitie [1990] ECR I-3461. “In consultation with the state police, Mayor Sven Gerich has decided to have the statue removed, as security can no longer be guaranteed,” the city government tweeted. To the north of the city is the Neroberg. From the top of this hill it is possible to see a panorama of the city. The Nerobergbahn connects the city to the hill. To the south of it, the Nerotalanlagen is a park along a stream created in 1897/98 as an English landscape garden. 27 By its third question, the referring court asks, in essence, whether a Turkish worker who fulfils the conditions laid down in the first or third indents of Article 6(1) of Decision No 1/80 may rely directly on those provisions: to renew not only his work permit but also his residence permit. .